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Difficulty is Not an Excuse


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Difficulty is Not an Excuse

“Difficulty is the excuse history never accepts.”

 Edward R. Murrow, news commentator          



As I see it . . . . . . .


Difficulty is not an excuse


You’re on a challenging deadline the work is either done on time or it’s not. The degree of difficulty in completing the project is not an excuse if the project is not done on time.


As harsh as it may sound, we a judged on our performance and delivering on our customers’ expectations in a timely manner. 


The challenge may be difficult and the pressure enormous to deliver on the customer’s expectations and when it comes right down to it we either do or we don’t. 


There is no middle ground and no excuses, we deliver or we don’t.


Communications is an important aspect of working through any project. Focus on the customer’ needs throughout the project and keep them informed on the progress.


Set the expectations to meet your customer’s demands and give yourself enough time to successfully complete the objectives.


Difficulty is not an excuse, work through the project to find solutions and to work toward a successful conclusion.  


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Difficulty is Not an Excuse
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